Class Trivia



  1. What two faculty members retired after our class graduated?  Conrad Allen & Bennie Greenwalt
  2. What tradition was started by our class and still continues today?  Senior Hat Day
  3. What was the first year for co-ed PE classes?  Our senior year
  4. Who was the FFA Sweetheart?  Denise Downen
  5. Who was the FHA King?  Chuck Rosenburgh
  6. Who was the Prom Queen?  Merna Youngblood
  7. What was the Prom Theme?  Nights are Forever
  8. What was the theme song for the yearbook?  You Don't Have To Be A Star To Be In My Show
  9. Where did we go on our Senior trip?  J.B. Scudmore Park in Wayne City - We grilled out steaks.
  10. How many members of our graduating class were married?  5 - Rogena Bailey, Diane Thomason, Susan Stolte, Mel Brookman, Jackie Brashear
  11. How many seniors attended college part time?  7 - Going to Rend Lake were Keith Johnson, John Smith, Angela Witter, Randa Rainwater and Christina Miles.  Going to Frontier were Vesta Gammon and Rita Harper
  12. Who were the editors of the yearbook?  Christina Miles and Randa Rainwater.  This yearbook won the first Golden Dozen in WCHS history.
  13. Who was the FFA Advisor?  Roger Johnson
  14. Who was the FFA President?  Jon Mayberry
  15. Who was the FHA President?  Rita Harper
  16. Who was the Beta Club President?  Chuck Rosenburgh
  17. Who were the editors of the Warwhoop?  Tammy Robertson & Angela Witter
  18. Who was the center of the basketball team?  Chester Hedden
  19. Who were the Co-MVPs of the boys baseball team?  John Smith, Marty LeCrone, Bart Allen, Tony Medder 
  20. Who was the MVP of the girls softball team?  Tonya Johnston
  21. What classmate is currently a Wayne City school board member?  Monte Wells
  22. What classmate's CB handle was Bird Legs?  Terry Neff
  23. Who willed all their trouble making ability to Jeff Burger?  Bobby Buchanan
  24. What faculty member's favorite movie in 1978 was The Hustler?  Dean Jackson
  25. Who was the Master of Ceremonies at Prom?  Bart Greenwalt
  26. Who were the Class of 1978 0fficers? Dale Bruce (president), Brenda Garner (secretary), Keith Johnson (treasurer)
  27. Who provided music at Prom?  A live band named Burgandy
  28. What 3 teams won the Quad-County Conference title in our senior year? Baseball, softball, track.
  29. The basketball team became very familiar with second place.  What tournaments did they place second in?  Holiday Tournament, Quad-County Conference, and Regionals.
  30. Why did we not have 3 valedictorians?  Because Mr. Johnson gave John Smith a B in power mechanics. 



    Funniest Bart Allen Brenda Garner
    Quietest Tony Medder Debbie Hutchcraft
    Mischievious Eddie Hiatt Tonya Johnston
    Loudest Chester Hedden Tonya Johston
    Bravest Jon Mayberry Jeannie White
    Wittiest John Smith Vesta Gammon
    Best Musician Darrell Brown Mary Head
    Most School Spirit John Smith Brenda Garner
    Most Polite Bart Allen Merna Draper
    Most Athletic John Smith Tonya Johnston
    Hardest Working

    Keith Johnson & John Smith

    Christina Miles & Brenda Garner
    Most Artistic Tommy Porter Helen Abernathy
    Most Helpful Bart Allen Joyce Youngblood, Renee Burge & Christina Miles
    Best Looking Tracy VanDeveer Denise Downen
    Most Likely to Succeed John Smith Angela Witter
    Most Likely to be President John Smith Christina Miles
    Most Popular Chuck Rosenburgh Brenda Garner
    Friendliest Marty LeCrone Merna Draper
    Most Unpredictable Ed Hiatt Rowena Lane
    Hot Rod Bobby Buchanan Jeannie White
    Hang Glide Rod McCormick Tonya Johnston & Vesta Gammon